Race to the Polls is a special project of Kids Forward, Race to Equity, and the Wisconsin Budget Project. As public policy and advocacy organizations, we see the importance of centering the voices and needs of communities of color in the democratic process. Through our data and policy analysis, we find over and over that alarming racial disparities exist between Wisconsin's white population and its African American, Asian American, Latinx, and Native American populations—which stem from hundreds of years of inequitable policies. In order to create a more equitable state where communities of color thrive, we must address disparities and implement policies that proactively remove the barriers facing communities of color. We need to elect individuals to public office that are committed to listening to communities of color, talking about race and racial disparities, working with communities of color to amplify their voices, and implementing equitable public policy.

Our hope is that Race to the Polls can support and amplify the work people of color and organizations committed to racial justice have been doing for many, many years. Everyone must play their part in making Wisconsin the best place for every child, every family, and every community—including us.


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